What to Do When a Mattress Gets Wet?

What to Do When a Mattress Gets Wet?

Keeping mattresses clean is not always an easy task, especially if we have small children, pets or are prone to small home accidents. In this post, I want to give you some tips on how to clean and dry a wet mattress, a problem that as you will see has a solution.

A tip, if you have children of age to wet the bed, pets or you are a bit “dodgy” like me, it is best to cover the mattresses with a waterproof protector, you will avoid many annoyances, as we discussed in a previous post on benefits and types of mattress pads. But if I’m late with this advice and your mattress has already been wet, calm, with patience, we can clean it and get moisture to disappear, not bloom, thus preventing the proliferation of microorganisms.


When a mattress gets wet or stains, try to dry it or remove it immediately. The first aspect to try is to get rid of moisture. To do this, we will move it so that it is away from the walls and furniture, making sure we can access it from all sides. We will cover the wet area with clean and dry towels to absorb as much liquid as possible, pressing it, but not rubbing. Repeat the process with more towels until the area is quite dry. Kitchen paper can also be helpful.

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If the wet area is water, we can proceed directly to drying. If on the contrary, it is pee or any other fluid, we will have to take additional measures to clean the stain. To do this we will create a “dry” cleaning.


But before proceeding to this remedy, you need to consult the mattress cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer, they are the experts. One cleaning option is what we are offered on the Wiki How: Mix a quarter cup of detergent powder with cold water (no more than one cup). We can also use upholstery detergent or mild soap, but always neutral. With a soft bristle brush or a dry sponge, we wet them sparingly in the mixture and rub gently on the stain. Then rinse the sponge, drain it and wipe the mattress foam. Always be careful to keep the area as dry as possible and no other liquid will penetrate the surface of the mattress.

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Finally, we will proceed to the drying. If possible, the best option is to dry the mattress in the air for a full day. If not possible use a fan or hair dryer, better with cold air. If we do it with heat, we must do it in short intervals of time, since with it, the fabric can turn yellow.

By following these steps carefully, our mattress will remain as before the accident.

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Taking care of our mattress is fundamental for our health. If the mattress gets wet and does not clean and dry properly, fungus and mold will appear, which directly affects our lungs and respiratory system. Allergies and even pneumonia or pneumonia are some of the main consequences that a wet mattress has on our body.

In case the mattress has gotten wet due to a flood or any other fact that makes it completely soaked, perhaps the only solution is to replace it. In that case, we encourage you to renew it by using this discount voucher of 25 euros. We also remind you that when we bring your new mattress (free of charge) to your home, we can pick up the old mattress for free, which we will throw to a clean point, to an ecological dump. The discount voucher can be used without minimum amount and does not expire, you can visit our online store Colchones.es to discover our models and take advantage of our incredible prices. We will wait for you!

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