Useful Ways To Use a Washing Machine Correctly

Useful Ways To Use a Washing Machine Correctly

The washing machine can help us to make our clothes cleaner, but it can also help us to save time, effort and to reduce our expenses. We provide some useful ways to use a washing machine correctly.

Our goal is to help you to reduce water bills, light , the price of the shopping basket (detergent, bleach, softener …), which will allow us to reduce household spending . Do you want to know how to use a washing machine correctly?


1. Put the washing machine when absolutely necessary.

There are many occasions when we put the washing machine to wash a few clothes that we need, we press the button to wash with the washing machine to half load or with very little quantity. This is an expense of unnecessary energy.

If we add all in the washing machines that we have put without being absolutely necessary. Try as much as possible to pick up dirty clothes and put the washing machine when you have enough to fill it in exactly the right way. It is not a matter of putting the clothes under pressure because it will not be cleaned properly. You can fill it until you leave a space of about 10 cm between the clothes and the end of the drum.

2. Look carefully at the clothing labels.

Before washing any garment we have to check the washing instructions given by the manufacturer. If you do not follow the indications you can spoil the garment and have to replace, which will be an extra expense.

3. Use short programs with cold water.

If the laundry is not excessively dirty, we simply want to eliminate the trail of dirt and odors left by your daily use, you do not need to use long programs or the prewash option for your washing. These spend more water and light and it shows on the bills. It is best to use short wash programs and cold water that does not consume as much energy.


4. Centrifuge in just measure.

Spinning at high speeds dries more clothes but spends more energy. It is not necessary to remove the almost dry clothes from the washing machine, it can be damaged more easily and you will spend more light. Take advantage of drying in the air, although it requires more time.

5. Use the amount of detergent and fabric softener needed.

There are several studies that point out that filling the detergent box to the maximum or adding various measures of softener is not synonymous with cleaner and better-perfumed clothes. The leftover product is not diluted and can be stored in the filters and damage the washer. In addition, it supposes an excess of expenditure in the shopping basket. Half capacity is enough to make your clothes clean.

6. Keep your washer in good condition.

From time to time it is necessary to remove the filter from the washer and clean it, this will help the washing machine to operate better and will keep it in perfect condition for longer. It will avoid repairs that will involve added and often unexpected expenses. Remove excess moisture from the washing machine after washing, it can cause mold that stains and damages the laundry and household appliance.

7. Separate clothing depending on fabrics and colors.

If you mix colors and fabrics at the time of washing, you can spoil the clothes which will be an expense when having to replace it. Or you will have to wash it again because it has not been clean. For example, if you mix lycra with garments that when washing “loose” fuzz, lycra is impregnated of this and you will have to wash the clothes again.

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