Useful Tips To Clean Leather Shoes

Useful Tips To Clean Leather Shoes

The secret to keeping your leather shoes in good condition is daily care and use of the indicated products. In addition, we invite you to read our guide to cleaning chamois. We provide some useful tips to clean leather shoes.

Removing dust and dirt after each use is important for good leather maintenance.

Helpful tips:

  1. First, remove dust and dirt from the surface before moistening the leather.
  2. With a soft cloth, apply wax or leather shoe oil (after reading the product instructions) and make sure it is absorbed.
  3. Remove excess wax or oil and let stand for 24 hours.


Leather shoes and suede shoes should be treated with special care. When we do not use them for a while, it is best to store them in a place without direct sunlight and clean them regularly. The leather is a delicate material and loses color easily and, in the case of shoes, contact with the soil contributes to a deterioration greater and faster.

Here are some simple steps you can follow frequently to extend the life of your leather shoes. And, if you ever wondered how to clean suede shoes, these tips will be equally useful.

Always remember: Before carrying out any of these instructions on how to clean leather shoes, perform a test in a hidden or poorly visible place. And, if you combine these methods with a commercial product, read and follow the label directions. We also suggest you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and find out exactly what kind of leather your shoes are made of. If the leather is untreated, we recommend applying special oil or wax for shoes with a soft cloth or with a special brush for leather shoes. Likewise, when cleaning chamois leather, it is important to make sure that you have the proper product before following the method described here, since, for example, there are shoes and boot knife that are more susceptible than others to water spots.


How to Clean Leather Shoes: General Care

You can keep your leather shoes in good condition if, after each use, you spend a moment to remove the dust and other traces of dirt they may have on the surface. For this task, you simply have to wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth.


  • Once dust and dirt have been removed, as described above, wipe a soft, damp cloth all over the surface, without pressing too much, especially at the seams. Then let it dry.
  • With the help of a soft cloth, apply a uniform amount of wax or oil suitable for leather shoes. It is important that you allow the product to be absorbed completely.
  • Use a clean cloth to remove excess wax or oil that may remain on the leather. Do not use shoes for at least 24 hours, since the absorption of the product is usually gradual.
  • In some leather shoes, such as the patent leather, you can apply vegetable oil with a dry cloth, which will restore their original shine. However, it is recommended to test the product before application in a small, hidden area.
  • So how do we recommend taking care of your shoes regularly, we suggest you also take care of your clothes with excellent quality washing products. We recommend Skip Liquid for all your washes, which will leave your clothes clean, eliminating the balls of your clothes.

As we have clarified before,  cleaning leather is a delicate task and we must pay attention. Cleaning chamois also requires certain care, but with these tips will certainly look like new.

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