Treatment Of Black Around The Mouth

Treatment Of Black Around The Mouth

There are many ways to remove darkness around the lips or mouth, e.g.

  • Treatment of black around the mouth (medically)
  • Treatment of black around the mouth (naturally) -> Most Reliable 
  • Treatment of black around the mouth (herbally)

Blackness around the mouth causes anxiety and lack of self-confidence. This article talks about the treatment of black around the mouth.

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Top Causes to Black Around the Mouth

Sun Rays:
Continuous exposure to sunlight without using the protective cream may cause skin cells to burn, and then blackness around the mouth.

Fluoride Toothpaste:
The toothpaste contains fluoride that harms the skin. Some girls put toothpaste on the face to clean it and reduce pimples and grains. This causes dryness of the skin and blackness around the mouth.

Hormonal Changes:
The change in hormones is one of the causes of the black around the mouth, and this change is prevalent in women during pregnancy or during the periods.

Bacterial contamination in the area around the mouth leads to blackness.
Some cosmetics contain harmful elements and their excessive use leads to contamination which is characterized by blackness around the mouth.
Do Not Take Care Of Cleanliness:
Skin cleanliness is very important. After eating and drinking, not cleaning around the mouth may cause pigmentation in the skin and then blackness around the mouth.
If you are not drinking enough water in a day then it will reflect negatively on the skin and its freshness appears spiky. Read How Much Water To Drink A Day?


Skin Diseases:
Skin diseases and problems may cause blackness around the mouth such as cancer, burns, dehydration, and pimples.

Excessive use of smoking is one of the most common causes of oral ammonia.

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Treatment Of Black Around The Mouth

Tips to get rid of black around the mouth:
These tips will vanish all skin problems:

  1. Use a sun protection cream and must be applied to the skin before going out in half an hour. This process repeats in every two hours when continuous exposure to sunlight.
  2. Avoid toothpaste that contains harmful fluoride.
  3. Avoid touching the area around the eye with the dirty hands.
  4. Cleaning is essential: Clean the skin and wash the face at least twice a day, preferably using appropriate soap for the skin which contains a few alkali.
  5. Choosing the right cosmetics.
  6. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  7. Peel and clean the skin at least once a month.
  8. Stop smoking permanently.

There are many natural materials to cure the problem, but these treatments will not give result without following the tips.

Rose water:

Rose water has many benefits for the skin and beauty shine and freshness. It can be used in the treatment of pigmentation of the skin and pimples.

  • You must mix the amount of rose water with a similar amount of pure water.
  • Place the mixture over medium heat until boiling and evaporation.
  • Now wash the face well.
  • Exposing the skin to steam with a towel wrapped around the head to prevent cold air from entering the steam.
  • After finishing the steam, wash the face with cold rose water and concentrate on the area around the mouth to get rid of blackness.
  • As the last step, pieces of snow must pass on the skin to close its pores.


It is very useful for the skin and its problems and enters into many mixtures that help to get rid of the darkness of the mouth.

  • Honey with milk: Mix with equal amounts of honey and milk, and apply the skin around the mouth, and wash it after 10 minutes with warm water.
  • Honey with milk, starch and lemon juice: These ingredients are mixed and applied to the skin, and after several minutes wash the face with warm water.


Important properties of lemons are helpful to the elimination of bacteria and rid skin pimples. lemons can use as follows:

    • Put a little lemon juice on the area around the mouth. Lemon juice helps to treat blackness and red skin pimples.  Lemon should not be applied near the eye.
    • Mix the amount of lemon juice with glycerin: Apply this mixture to the area around the mouth to get rid of blackness and pimples.


To permanently eliminate the problem of pigmentation and blackness around the mouth, follow these tips to ensure that the blackness disappears and does not reappear.

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