How to Properly Clean a Mattress

How to Properly Clean a Mattress

There are some useful tips for properly clean a mattress.

Mattress cleaning is very easy, but to remove stains from it is much more difficult. Mattress must be cleaned for 1-2 times a year, a vacuum cleaner is good for this procedure.

General Cleaning:

It is convenient to clean the mattress at home with a vacuum cleaner. Very good, if you have a powerful washing vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. It helps to destroy dust mites and perform a deep cleaning.


For grease stains, try wiping with ammonia or ethyl alcohol. If you do not know what caused the stain, then treat it from the sprayer with a liquid detergent solution for the dishes, and then cover with an absorbent cloth.

If you found mold on the mattress then it must be dried in the sun. You can treat the surface with alcohol or vinegar. Vinegar, among other things, allows you to get rid of the smell of cigarettes, urine, sweat. If you smoke in bed, then you should wash more often.


Blood Spots Cleaning:

There are several effective ways to combat these stains at home.

  • Remove fresh traces of blood only with cold water.
  • You can use a simple household soap, which rubbed dirt with an old toothbrush. Then rinse it off with a little water and soak up the moisture with a dry cloth.
  • A good remedy for blood is a saline solution. Pour water into the atomizer, now add a large spoonful of salt there, shake the bottle well, and spray the solution onto the mattress.
  • The solution of soda acts analogously to the saline solution.

In addition to all of the above, there are special means for removing stains of rust and blood. They can be useful for cleaning the mattress.

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