Post Pregnancy Diet: How to Lose Pregnancy Fat With 3 Dos and Donts

Post Pregnancy Diet: How to Lose Pregnancy Fat With 3 Dos and Donts

You’ve made it through nine months of pregnancy and are scrambling to keep pace with all that is required from a newborn. When your days become a bit more regular and you begin to have time for yourself, your thoughts may turn to your post pregnancy diet and how to lose the pregnancy fat acquired from the previous months.

Perhaps no other subject has inspired so much controversial and downright conflicting information as weight loss. But, when it comes to your post pregnancy diet and how to lose pregnancy fat there are a few dos and don’ts you can apply that will ensure success the way nature intended.

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Eat Large Portions at a Sitting

It been proven conclusively that eating large portions is one of the main culprits in fat storage. Eating more than the body can store for immediate energy will be stored as fat. You spike your insulin and slow your metabolism as well.

Eat Processed Foods

Void of nutrients and full of calories processed foods have no place in a post pregnancy diet and will do more than preventing you from losing pregnancy fat. Because they are so high in sugar and calories, you will be sure to have more than your body can store for immediate use thus ensuring insulin spikes and fat storage.

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Eat Emotionally

We are creatures of habit, recognize this and train yourself to receive many benefits. With a little education, you will know which foods to eat and which to avoid. This includes snacks. You will be delighted to know of some permissible snacks when eating a sound diet.


Eat Small and Frequent

If you want one sure rule on how to lose pregnancy fat, this is it. The best post pregnancy diet and any other will have you eating small and frequent. This is how the body designed to metabolize the foods we eat. Even individuals eating a poor diet can lose weight and decrease insulin levels when they break up their portions throughout the day.

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Make Good Food Choices

When you make the effort to learn the nutritional value and calorie contents of individual foods, the knowledge can be exciting. You will find that eating correctly is not sacrifice and deprivation. Couple highly nutritious whole foods with eating small and frequently and your energy will shoot through the roof, the fat will melt quickly and your health will improve remarkably. There are few other tips as important as these two for knowing how to lose pregnancy fat.

Have a Reward Day

Post pregnancy diets and any others are a piece of cake when you know how much from which foods to eat. But if that piece of cake can not be driven from your mind then eat it on your reward day. This is a crucial strategy in helping you to maintain your healthy eating habits during the rest of the week.

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Employ these habits in your post pregnancy diet and you will no longer question how to lose pregnancy fat. Remember to drink plenty of water as well, this can’t be stressed enough. It’s important for the body on so many levels. You can’t drive your vehicle without water in the radiator.

Always remember that you will be training yourself to adopt these habits. You don’t just start doing them, you work at integrating them. You will go through times of discouragement, but the more you employ correct eating habits, the more you will see results, which makes it easier as you progress. It really doesn’t take long to make eating correctly part of your lifestyle. What started as a post pregnancy diet and a search for how to lose pregnancy fat will end in a lifetime of perks.


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