Oxygen Bleach Powder: How To Use It To Wash Clothes

Oxygen Bleach Powder: What Is Oxygen Bleach Powder and How To Use It To Wash Clothes

Oxygen bleach powder is extremely useful for washing clothes and is an eco-friendly product.

Main Tip

Oxygen bleach powder is a very useful addition to laundry soap and other household chores, such as wood cleaning or deck cleaning. It is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before applying it on a new surface and to test in a small area before using it.

Helpful tips:

  1. Apply oxygen bleach powder to attack and eliminate stains, odors, and germs.
  2. Oxygen bleach powder should not be used on delicate garments.

Oxygen bleach powder is a very effective cleansing agent to remove stains and enhance the color of your clothes. It is a safe and ecological product with multiple applications that are part of the list of cleaning customary in many homes. But few know what their components are and how to use it to wash clothes.


What is an oxygen bleach powder?

  • “Oxygen bleach powder” is the common name for sodium percarbonate, a compound of crystals of natural sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Oxygen bleach powder, which is present in detergents and other cleaning products, comes in powder form and must be dissolved in water before use.
  • When the dust comes into contact with the water, a chemical reaction takes place in which oxygen is released.
  • Oxygen bleach powder is often used as stain removers, as oxygen bubbles help eliminate dirt, odors, and germs.
  • It is considered an ecological product since its only derivative is sodium carbonate, a non-toxic substance, suitable for water consumption.

How to use oxygen bleach powder to wash clothes:

Oxygen bleach powder is ideal for staining organic waste like food, beverages, grass, soil and body fluids. Although it can attenuate grease stains and synthetic substances, it does not always eliminate them completely.


To use oxygen bleach as a prewash treatment:

  • I dissolved one or two tablespoons of powder in four liters of water.
  • Leave stained garments to soak for one hour.
  • If the stains are rebellious or old, you can leave the clothes to soak all night or add another two tablespoons of powder to the mixture.

This bleach can also commonly use to enhance the color of clothing.

Use oxygen bleach to enhance colors:

  • Add a spoonful of oxygen bleach to the powdered soap.
  • Be sure to read the product instructions thoroughly.
  • Do not use oxygen bleach to wash delicate fabrics such as silk or wool.

What is the difference between a chlorine bleach and an oxygen bleach? 

  • A chlorine bleach is a product composed primarily of sodium hypochlorite.
  • Chlorine bleach, commonly called “bleach”, is a very effective disinfectant that can use to remove stubborn stains and other household cleaning tasks.
  • Because bleach is much more corrosive than oxygen bleach, it should use with caution and keep out of the reach of children.

It is important to take into account these two differences:

  • Oxygen bleach powder can use to wash colored clothes, but never bleach.
  • Oxygen bleach powder can mix with other detergents, but never with bleach.

What other uses have oxygen bleach?

Oxygen bleach powder is a very versatile product that can use to clean various materials, such as plastic and wood. It is often used for household chores: for example, to disinfect utensils, trash receptacles or pet sanitary trays. Before using oxygen bleach, make a test on a small part of the surface that you are going to clean and read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how and where you can apply the product. Do not forget to wear protective gloves.

Once we know how to use oxygen bleach powder can be a really useful product. This simple guide shows many of the jobs of this basic need product in the home.

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