Minecraft Review Story Mode

Minecraft Review Story Mode

The story of a game without a history. Strange, somewhat risky, this is the premise of this new title developed by Telltale Games, the teachers to tell stories.

This time, the bet is more ambitious. Months ago, something called Minecraft: Story Mode was announced. Yes, Telltale Games would tell us the story of a game that lacked one.

We tested the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK and these are our first impressions

Everything can be counted:

Telltale Games has given us wonderful titles based on TV series like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and in video game franchises like Borderlands. Most have had positive results, products that are very well received by critics and one or another is already considered a classic of the genre. The trick to the success of your games is based on all the possibilities offered by the same story. Our decisions are of utmost importance for the development of history and for knowing different perspectives of it. To keep the attention of the players, the so-called quick-time-events give dynamism to the gameplay and perfectly counteract the cinematics full of dialogues: you will have to avoid obstacles, activate mechanism and carry out quick actions.

Minecraft, real-life cases

One of the main characteristics of a sandbox is the absence of a story. Games like Little Big Planet or Minecraft are blank canvases so that the imagination of the users is exploited to the maximum. They give us tools, items, and various materials to design our own video games, with their history, heroes, and villains. Basically, what Telltale Game did was take advantage of the attributes of this genre, especially Minecraft, and created a unique experience. In Minecraft: Story Mode there are definite characters – Jesse, the protagonist, Reuben, the mascot, Axel, Olivia, Petra and Lukas, the rest of the gang. The anecdote is this: during a construction contest, this group of friends embarks on an adventure that takes them to know all the secrets of the powerful Order of the stone, an organization that is responsible for protecting and preserving peace in this world. From then on, the roads it takes are very diverse and will depend on your decisions.

Left or right?

“Decisions”, the keyword of the Telltale Games style. Expect many dialogues and many options to choose from. The relationship with the other characters will be determined by your answers. You can agree with someone’s proposals but this will automatically make you reject the rest. Everything depends on your criteria and the profile you want to assume in each circumstance. There will be more dramatic scenarios that will force you to make a decision faster and others will give you some time to think your answer well. Remember that each action has its repercussions in the general history.

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