Mental Health Activities For Students in School

Mental Health Activities in School

It is a situation in which an individual is psychologically compatible, feels happy with himself and others. If you have strong mental health then you can eligible to achieve your goals, and exploit your abilities.
Mental health is a positive state, which includes the enjoyment of health and safety. Therefore, 100 % access to integrated mental health is a difficult task.

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The student lives with the family, the community, and the school. The family is the first social school for an individual since childhood and through the stages of his life.

A good mental health requires the perfect and friendly atmosphere in the house and school. The role of the school is not limited to the preparation of curricula and school activities but must also pay attention to the mental health of students.

It is not hidden to everyone that the mental health is a gateway to health behavior. So all schools must include healthy plans for students to overcome their psychological and emotional problems. In addition, teachers also play a vital role to develop the mental health. The students are always thirsty for the psychological support of their teachers and mental health activities.

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Principals are the movers of all the individuals in the school, with their guidance and advice. They must include their school plans for the mental health activities to achieve compatibility. Psychological health of the students will increase by different mental health activities like different games, exercises, competitions, and contests etc.

Power Of Mental Health:

The students will not be able to face the contemporary difficulties and challenges unless they have strong mental health. The students with strong mental health will cope with the frustrations, constant anxiety, mood swings and control their emotions. Mental health is one of the most important factors that contributing to the progress of educational achievement for students.

Psychological support is an essential part of caring for children both at home and school. The child is need of psycho-social support not only from the parents but also from the teachers and the school administration.

The school can contribute significantly to the value of mental health support for its students. Here are the main components of the school to achieve the adjustment and psychological stability of students.

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Points to increase student mental health and activities:

  1. Providing good and complete health services and environment for mental health activities to increase the self-confidence.
  2. The curriculum should be flexible, allowing a deal of freedom for mental health activities.
  3. The school offered various opportunities to help the students to increase social growth, self-confidence, and relationships with his fellows and teachers.
  4. Mental health activities help to maintain the balance between different values and levels.
  5. The school design must meet the needs of the students regarding health, psychological, social, cultural and recreational.
  6. A good relationship between the teachers and students always reflects the positive environment
  7. The school must support the chances of student’s success so that he can feel reassured about his or her ability to learn.
  8. The school should pay attention to the development of the religious and moral motives of the students.

The role of the teacher to achieve the mental health activities:

The teacher is the heart of the educational process and the most important personality in the student life after his parents. A good teacher always motivates his student to develop the mental health, self-confidence, and working power.

The teacher’s role in psycho-social compatibility can be summarized as follows:

  1. Satisfying the students mental, cognitive and emotional needs, and respect their tendencies and trends.
  2. Keep working to change the attitudes of students and adjust them to the best. Always help them to develop their talents and abilities and tendencies.
  3. Always encouraging the students to succeed and achievement.
  4. The use of positive reinforcement more than the practice of any kind of punishment and show praise and approval whenever possible.
  5. Develop the positive attitudes in students, because positive attitude helps to develop of mental health.

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