Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods | Part 1

Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods | Part 1

Imagine losing pregnancy weight simply by eating. Okay, there’s more to it than that. But did you know that there are certain foods that boost your metabolism and help you burn fat? It’s true, and by eating these foods, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine!

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These are a few of the most beneficial and delicious fat burning foods out there:

lemon ginger e1280437838227 150x150 - Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods | Part 1Ginger & Citrus

As a child, if you felt like you were getting cold, your mother most likely gave you loads of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great immunity booster, but it also has a hidden talent: It improves your body fat-burning power!

Vitamin C helps your body burn fat in two ways. First, it quickens the fat metabolizing process. Second, it has an interesting effect on fat deposits. Citric acid breaks down fat molecules, making them more likely to be expelled from the body and less likely to be stored inside of it.

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Citrus fruits are ranked at the top among fat burning foods, thanks to their Vitamin C content. Make an effort to add several types of citrus fruits to your diets, such as lemons, limes, oranges and tangerines. Rather than just drinking the juice, it’s better to try to eat the whole fruit.  Here’s why: Fruit contains another fat burning ingredient fiber! Are these citrus fruits not really your thing? Well, another fat fighter is the tomato. Get a metabolic boost by using fresh tomatoes in your homemade sauces.

Ginger is an enjoyably tangy fat-burner. As a vasodilator, it improves blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels. This can considerably increase your metabolism. As a matter of fact, recent studies show that those who eat ginger may lose up to 20% more fat than their peers.

In Asian dishes, citrus and ginger flavors complement each other rather well. Try experimenting with this unique combination, and you can find yourself losing pregnancy weight without ever feeling deprived.

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Whole Grains & Oatmeal

1zgrains e1280902292414 150x150 - Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods | Part 1There’s nothing like starting your day with a bowl of warm oatmeal. Oatmeal stabilizes blood sugar levels and prevents fatigue.  It also helps you avoid those big energy crashes. Oatmeal can do all of this because it has large amounts of fiber. Try adding some fat-free milk to your oatmeal to make it even more satisfying.  Doing so will give you an even better fat-burning advantage. (Fiber and calcium have been shown to be excellent fat burning nutrients.)


Oatmeals carbohydrates provide a boost in energy helping you wake up quicker. These carbs are complex carbohydrates that digest slowly, which keeps your energy high and your appetite low for several hours after breakfast. As a bonus, oatmeal also lowers cholesterol, which makes losing pregnancy weight with oatmeal a smart way to go!

Go Nuts!1znuts 150x150 - Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods | Part 1

Nuts are a healthy fat burning food that can also fight hunger for extended periods. Some nuts are rich in fiber which helps to rev up your metabolism. They also consist of generous amounts of protein. Protein is essential for gaining lean muscle mass, which burns calories even while you sleep!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oils contributions to heart health have been praised by doctors for a very long time. Olive oil has unsaturated fat which raises the amount of high-density lipids in the bloodstream. These lipids, also known as HDL, or good cholesterol, are great for clearing bad cholesterol out of the arteries. By using olive oil instead of margarine or butter, you can actually boost your metabolism while you reduce your bad cholesterol.1zoil 150x150 - Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods | Part 1

The bottom line: You’ll be losing pregnancy weight double time if you take advantage of these fat burning foods. Also, include some fun cardio activities and lots of water, and you’ll have a formula for success!

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