Lose Baby Weight Love Handles Edition

Lose Baby Weight Love Handles Edition

Love handles is an adorable name for a threatening issue: fat buildup on the sides and back of the torso. Not only are they unsightly, they’re harmful, too. Thankfully, you will lose baby weight and be able to permanently lose your love handles, by simply making some minor adjustments to your personal habits.

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z285990 26614 12 150x150 - Lose Baby Weight Love Handles EditionLose Fat Everywhere

Love handles are a sign of too much tummy fat. This fat is as unhealthy as it is frustrating, and can contribute to several types of metabolic diseases.  Even worse, it could lead to dangerous heart disease. Eliminating the fat around your waist should reduce your likelihood of developing diabetes or experiencing a heart attack.

If you are trying to lose baby weight around your stomach and nowhere else, don’t bother; spot reduction isn’t possible. If it were possible, no one would have problem areas and everyone’s bodies would have flawless proportions! The truth is, to lose love handles, you must lose fat everywhere else as well.

You can burn fat quickly by doing cardio workouts. To increase your body’s calorie-burning ability, even more, add strength training to your routine as it will increase your lean muscle mass. Consuming fewer calories than you burn will stop your body from converting extra calories into fat. Doing all three is the best way to lose those love handles.

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Strengthen Your Obliques

zbicycle crunch1 - Lose Baby Weight Love Handles EditionThe muscles that run down both sides of your torso are called obliques. They surround the collection of muscles referred to as the 6-pack. Obliques give us the ability to turn and twist when necessary. Sadly, these muscles are sometimes covered by love handles.

Strengthening your obliques will help you lose baby weight by burning more calories.  You’ll also end up with some sexy abs to show off after you’ve blasted away those unflattering love handles.

The American Council on Exercise has recommended some fitness routines to help get rid of love handles much quicker.  The most effective exercises for working your obliques are vertical leg crunches, bicycle crunches, and captains chair leg raises.


Vertical leg crunches are similar to normal crunches, except that your legs are straight up and down sort of like touching your toes while laying on your back. Bicycle crunches are also similar to regular crunches, however, you slowly go through a bicycle pedal motion while you touch your left elbow to your right knee, then switch sides, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee. Captains chair leg raises require the use of a captain’s chair, which is a common fixture in most gyms.

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You can find these exercises online and get helpful step-by-step guides that include photos or even videos.

1zgoodfoods 150x150 - Lose Baby Weight Love Handles EditionEat Foods That Burn Fat

While working to lose baby weight you’ll need to avoid certain foods, particularly those loaded with sodium and sugar, because they will add inches to your waistline. To lose those love handles, focus on eating foods that will help battle tummy fat. Heart-healthy fats, like those recommended by doctors, are found in salmon, olive oil, and nuts.  Doctors also advise that you get 3 servings of calcium from green veggies or low-fat dairy products, along with lots of fiber from fruits and whole grains.

Since these foods will digest slowly, you will feel satisfied longer.  For a great fat-burning boost, include some green tea in your diet. You can ward off diseases and rev up your metabolism with just three cups a day.

Test Your Clothingzabsbanish e1280439755642 150x150 - Lose Baby Weight Love Handles Edition

An amazingly quick and dirty trick to get rid of love handles: Be sure your clothes fit right. As you lose baby weight, you’ll likely be purchasing new clothes.  Just be aware that tight clothing can make even thin people appear to have love handles. It can be hard work to get rid of those love handles, so don’t waste it by forcing yourself into pants that leave you spilling over!

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