How Much Water To Drink a Day?

How Much Water To Drink a Day?

On hot summer days or even on cold winter days, the water finishes your thirst and refreshes the heart and soul. How many glasses of water should we drink in a day? How do we know?

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We provide the exact quantity of water should we drink in a day.

The requirement of water varies depending on age, weight and physical activity. The weather also plays a large role in determining the amount of water needed for the body. When the weather is hot then the body needs a greater amount of water.

How Much Water To Drink a Day?

Children (1 Year & Older):

Encourage your child since childhood to drink water regularly. According to the age, the child needs about 0.8-1.4 liters per day, equivalent to 5 glasses of water.


The teenager needs at least 1.6 liters per day, equivalent to 7 glasses of water. and the amount increases according to physical activity.


The adult needs about 1.5-2 liters a day, equivalent to 8 glasses of water. This is enough for most people in temperate weather. The amount increases in hot weather.

During Exercise:

Keep drinking water while exercising. It is recommended that drink a glass of water before exercise and half a glass of water every 20 minutes.

When You Follow a Weight Loss Diet:

In this case, you have to persevere in drinking water to secure the need of the body, and also proved that it helps in the process of losing weight. Take 2-3 liters water in a day and you’ll discover that this helps you adjust your appetite too!

Best Advice:

Recovery in the summer!
The summer is characterized by high temperature and humidity. So always keep enough water in summer and keep motivate your family members to drink more water and fresh juices in summer.


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