Top 10 Harmful Foods For Humans

Top 10 Harmful Foods For Humans 

There are many foods that are very useful for the human body and help the body to maintain its balance. In contrast, there are many harmful foods that are not good for your body.

In this article, we will remind you of the 10 most harmful foods for health.

Top 10 Most Harmful Foods:

1. Canned Foods:

Low-level domestic canning for green beans, carrots or other vegetables can be detrimental to health, as they are highly toxic because home-cooked materials often do not reach proper temperatures and do not compress enough to kill toxic. As well as expired canned foods have poisons. This toxic substance is destructive to nerve cells and may lead to paralysis.

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2. Olestra Oil:

Olestra is a fake fat used in the manufacture of low-fat potato chips and other snacks. Its harmful effect is that it absorbs vitamins K, D, E and A and the essential carotene of the immune system, which prevent some cancers.

Olestra also causes digestive discomfort in some people, especially if they eat large amounts of Olestra oil.

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3. Sodium Nitrite:

There are many foods such as meat, especially sausages, which contain nitrates and used to stabilize the coloring and keep clean of microbes. Nitrates are harmless, but they can oxidize and turn into harmful substances that cause allergies. If you eat foods that contain nitrates, you should drink a glass of orange juice afterward; because vitamin C in the juice cup acts as an antioxidant.

4. Saturated Fat:

It is a harmful synthetic fat because it contains low-density lipids, which makes it deposited in the walls of the arteries and cause atherosclerosis, a disease that results in many complications of high blood pressure and angina until the breakdown of brain centers and paralysis.

These fats are also called hydrogenation, such as those found in some types of biscuits and pies, which sold in the market.

So we should use unsaturated fats because they remain liquid, even at low temperatures such as transparent oils, canola oil, sunflower oil and corn oil.

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5. Desserts And Sugars:

There are two risks of these foods: Tooth Decay and Obesity, which causes the increase in energy and also increase in weight. Desserts and sugars also prevent the desire to eat fruits and vegetables.

6. Carotene:

Carotene is the yellow pigment in foods and rich in vitamin A such as carrots. Excessive intake of carotene leads to the penetration of this pigment in the cells, including skin cells. Excessive use of carotene can affect the liver cells and limit their activity.

Note: It is a good that many people drink carrot juice frequently, believing that this improves their health.

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7. Caffeine:

It is found in carbonated black water and has an effect on the nervous system when it repeated. It is advisable to use soda water to eat those transparent, colorless, as well as not to drink heavily or mix milk with coffee; because it causes palpitations, nervousness, and insomnia, and digestive disorders.

8. Aspartame:

It is a low-calorie industrial sugar, which is heavily used in soda water, especially in diet, and this substance has a harmful effect on the nerves.

9. Glutamate:

It is a substance that is used as a flavor enhancer in many foods such as chicken foods, Chinese and Japanese foods. This substance negatively affects the nervous system, especially the peripheral nerves, leading to a lack of sensation in the limbs.

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10. Pickles:

The excessive support of the body pickles, the body loads of the needs of salt. It accused of sparking that causes several diseases, perhaps the most important and most famous high arterial pressure.

Therefore, we must drink water before meals but not during foods; because that happens, the digestive juices stretched.

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