Common Hair Washing Mistakes

Hair Washing Mistakes

Hair washing is not so easy, there are many mistakes we make while washing the hair. So what are these hair washing mistakes?

Hair washing is one of the routine things that we do in our lives. Many people think that they are good at washing their hair, but cosmetic experts see that there are many things we do wrong during the hair wash and may be the reason for drying and falling. We recognize some of these hair washing mistakes:

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Combing During The Bath:

Wet hair has weak hair roots, So combing during the bath is the common mistake that leads to falling. Hair care experts advise that don’t comb your hair while bathing, this will helps to remove the tangled threads and cleaning the hair.

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Washing Hair Incorrectly:

It is important to ensure that the shampoo is completely removed from your hair. Here is a simple trick to make sure that the hair is washed well, by passing the fingers through the hair while washing with water. A simple peep indicates that the shampoo has been completely removed.

Washing The Hair With Hot Water:

Bathing with hot water is a great fun, but washing the hair with hot water is harmful to hair health and it is one of the big hair washing mistakes. Hot water leads to dry hair, So it is best to wash your hair with warm water, this helps to get shiny and healthy hair.

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Drying The Hair Strongly With The Towel:

Keep away from strongly massaging the hair with a towel, this leads to cut your hair and produce complexity. It is best to put the towel on the hair and press it gently to dry the hair.

Excessive Use Of Shampoo:

Excessive use of shampoo on hair is harmful and strips the scalp. So avoid washing your hair every day with shampoo. This process is only two or three times a week. I also avoid repeating the use of shampoo while washing hair because it helps to clean it up more. One time shampoo is enough to clean the scalp.

Shampoo Always Poured On The Same Area:

One of the famous mistakes of girls when washing their hair, start pouring shampoo on the same area in the head rash every time. You will notice that this area is drier and more volatile than other parts, so stop this habit and ensure that the shampoo distributed well and evenly on the head.


Always use conditioner after the shampoo to restore the necessary moisturizing hair, but you should use the conditioner on your hair, not on your scalp and using your fingertips, not your nails, and rinse well with lukewarm water.

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