Top 10 Reasons For Hair Falling Out in Women

Hair Falling Out

Hair falling out have become very common among women. There are top 10 reasons for hair falling out in women.

Here is a list of the most common causes of hair falling out:

1. Physical Stress:

Any kind of psychological or physical trauma, such as a car accident, severe illness or even the role of the bad flu, will lead to the temporary hair loss, and this will stop when the body and nerves get a state of relaxation and rest.

2. Excessive Intake Of Vitamin “A”:

It is a major cause of hair falling out. Some women resorted to food supplements in excessive doses, so we recommend that you always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplements to determine the proper dosage of what your body needs.

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3. Protein Deficiency:

If you do not eat enough protein in a day then hair growth will stop and your follicles will weaken. Eat moderately proteins (such as milk, fish, water, vegetables, animal)  throughout the day, until you get healthy hair.

4. Genetic Causes:

If you are from a family that tends to light hair and hair falling out is common among most people then it is possible that the cause of your fall is genetically related to genes.

5. Female Hormones:

Pregnancy also causes a change in hormones. There are many things that affect women’s hormones, including birth control pills. So you should talk to your doctor to choose another method of contraception.

6. Stress and Tension:

It is one of the most common causes among women who have hair loss. This symptom is difficult to avoid because of the many psychological pressures around us, but at least it is possible to deal with tension in simple ways to protect your health and hair.

7. Anemia (anemia):

One of every 10 women who suffer from anemia (an iron deficiency in the body). To overcome this, consult your doctor to describe dietary supplements that help your body get back to normal. Always perform a full blood image analysis periodically to keep you safe.

8. Vitamin B Deficiency:

Eat healthy foods that contain vitamin B so that you do not experience hair loss. These foods include fish, meat, vegetables, non-acidic fruits, and good fats such as avocados and nuts. They are very important to your hair and your health and fitness.

9. Sudden Weight Loss:

A diet that reduces weight quickly also reduces your body’s needs and negatively affects your overall health, and your hair. Tthe lack of nutrients from your body, vitamins, and, minerals, will inevitably destroy your hairs.

10. The Use Of Chemical Treatments Frequently:

The use of protein and other hair treatments that containing chemicals in abundance leads to long term hair destruction.

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