Fingernails And Your Health

Fingernails And Your Health

Did you know that fingernails give indications of the overall health of the body? Sometimes we notice white nails, and perhaps other red ones, and there are sometimes problems with the structure of the nails and their external form of cracks and fractures. All of which may indicate the possibility of certain diseases. “Fingerprint problems are basically health problem.”

Fingernails And Your Health

1.Pale Nail Disorders:

Pale Nail Disorders

Pale nails may be a sign of some important health problems such as anemia, heart failure, liver disease, and malnutrition.

2.White Nail Disorders

Fingernails And Your Health

Nails that change completely to white may be indicative of some liver problems such as hepatitis, in which case we can note that they are accompanied by yellowing (jaundice) in the skin of the fingers.

3.Yellow Nail Disorders:

Yellow nail disorders

The most common causes of yellow nails are fungal infections. There are rare cases where the yellow color indicates serious diseases such as thyroid, lung, diabetes and psoriasis.

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4.Blue Nail Disorders:

Fingernails And Your Health

Blue nail indicates that there is a lack of oxygen reaching the fingertips loaded in the blood hemoglobin in the micro blood vessels, and may indicate this lack of oxygen and the presence of some diseases such as respiratory infection and pneumonia or some heart problems.

5. Dotted Nail Disorders:

Fingernails And Your Health

The presence of small holes in the nails may be an early sign of psoriasis or arthritis.

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6. Cracked Nail Disorders:

Fingernails And Your Health

Dry nails fragile and often seemingly broken and it cracks sometimes associated with thyroid disease, while cracks associated with yellowing color in nails are more common in the fungal infection.

7. Inflammation Of The Nail Folds:

Fingernails And Your Health

Sometimes the surrounding skin of the nail (called the folds of the hawk) inflames, inflate and reddish. This may be due to certain diseases that affect the tissues of the body located in the subcutaneous area, where immune reactions cause cell destruction and inflammation.

8. Dark Lines On Nails:

Fingernails And Your Health

Longitudinal dark lines on the nail, sometimes because of melanoma, which is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer.

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