Feng Shui Plants to Produce Positive Energy at Home

Feng Shui Plants to Produce Positive Energy at Home

  • Plants and colors bring energy
  • Mirrors reflect energy
  • Chaos obstructs the flow of energy

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy dating back more than 4,000 years. The art of harmony with the surrounding space to maximize the positive energy that has a direct impact on the place and its inhabitants. It’s also called¬†feng shui money plants.

You can get absolute comfort and live away from stress by organizing and arranging different rooms with feng shui plants. The Chinese believe that feng shui is based on two opposing energies: the Yin energy, which is black and the yang energy, which is white.


The yin symbolizes the female and the land-related silence, while yang symbolizes the male and the movement that generates change.

The five basic elements of feng shui plant also useful: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The Chinese believe that everything in this life linked to one of these five elements in one form or another. Each of these elements produces different energy. Wood produces creative energy, fire is the energy of enthusiasm, the earth gives stability, reliability and common sense, metal is about financial and business success and water connected to knowledge, wisdom, communication, and travel.

The feng shui flag emphasizes the need for each of these five elements within your home in one way or another to ensure your life is complete. So feng shui plants useful to produce positive energy at home.

8 Feng shui plants applications in your home:

The following set of applications that promote the presence of positive energy in your home based on feng shui philosophy:

1. Arranging the entrance of the house and the rooms:

Positive energy enters the house from the front door. So this place must arrange with no form of chaos or broken or damaged furniture. A well-organized and orderly home leads to a feeling of calm and relaxation, which is essential to ensure a harmonious and vibrant home.

2- Arranging furniture:

Furniture distribution in the home should not restrict traffic within and between rooms so as not to adversely affect the flow of energy. Seats should arrange in the sitting and reception rooms so that the person is facing the wall.

3. Separate the sleeping area from the work area:

Any area designated for work, such as a home office, should be kept completely separate from the living room or bedroom. If the work mixes with comfort, relaxation will impossible and will prevent good night rest in the bedroom.

4. Multiplication of mirrors:

Mirrors reflect positive energy according to feng shui and thus multiply this energy by their presence. It also works to prevent negative energy flow throughout the home. It is recommended not to place a mirror in front of the front door, as it reflects the positive energy that enters when opening the door to the outside of the house.

5. Spreading green plants in the delay:

The proliferation of natural flowers and green plants promotes positive energy. But sharp, limb-like plants should avoid. In the bedrooms prefer to use a bowl of fruit instead of flowers to promote sexual health. The use of oranges and lemons throughout the house brings good luck.

6. Running water:

The presence of a water fountain promotes feelings of relaxation and harmony. But should not place in the bath, which preferred to remain closed to reduce the leakage and spread of elements of chemical reactions that propagate negative energy.

7. Use light colors:

The colors directly control our thoughts, mixes, and behaviors. The basic colors of space science: red, yellow, gray, blue and finally green. The five colors represent five natural elements: red is the symbol of fire, yellow to dust, gray to metal, blue to water, green to trees or wood, and light colors stimulate and charge energy and create a calm atmosphere.

8. Avoid sharp corners:

It is preferable to use round lines in feng shui, where sharp angles believed to spread negative energy and prevent relaxation. For example, it is better to use the half-circular entrance dowel.

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