Easy Ways To Use An Automatic Washing Machine

Easy Ways To Use An Automatic Washing Machine

Today, there are many washing machines that have a myriad of buttons and programs that we do not know very well how to use. So the task of washing clothes ends up being something complex and quite tedious. If you are starting to familiarize yourself with these types of appliances but you are still not clear about the procedure you should follow to use them properly and get your clothes to be impeccable, pay attention to the tips in this article. We offer you a small guide on easy ways to use an automatic washing machine.


Steps to follow:

1. To understand the operation of an automatic washing machine, you should know that it consists of:
  • A wash selector handle.
  • Temperature selectors, double drying, and more.
  • Power buttons (on some models).
  • Power off buttons (on some models).

2. This is based on the interfaces of almost all washing machines, especially in the first few points, so the first thing you should know is the type of clothes you are going to wash. For this, it is essential that you separate the type of clothing by color and degree of dirt.

3. When you already have well-sorted clothes to wash, it’s time to start with the washing plan. To do this, it is necessary to roughly determine the weight of the laundry to be washed, this is essential since it depends on whether we do a complete wash or a half load wash. Take into account a load of your washing machine (usually 5 kg) and the dirt of the clothes, if it is normal clothes with a 30-minute wash will be more than enough.

With the washing machine off, open the loading lid and place the laundry inside. Then close the lid. If the washing machine is top loading, you should also open and close the stainless steel drum. These are very easy ways to use an automatic washing machine.


5. Now, look for the detergent dispenser and add the necessary products to wash the clothes. At a minimum, you should use laundry detergent (powder or liquid).

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