Earn to die 2 mode apk

Earn to die 2 mode apk

Earn to die 2 is all approximately an allied fight medic who should get to his base and assist his wounded comrades. sadly, standing in his way are hordes of German squaddies greater than eager to take him down. all that he has that may help him get to his base before everything, is a vintage automobile. However, it’s all he’ll need as he can upgrade the automobile’s elements and slowly-however really build a vehicle that is ready to take down the enemy infantrymen.

You simplest have one automobile however with all the enhancements available at your disposal, it’s all you’ll need to run over enemy squaddies and boundaries in your way.



Controls in Earn to Die 2 mode apk

Use the directional keys to transport your automobile through the struggle torn streets of the game. The up key movements the car ahead and accelerates it. The down key moves the auto slows it down or hits the brake. The left key tilts the automobile up, whilst the proper key tilts it down. Use those keys to stabilize the car and to maintain it transferring at a regular tempo. If you have gotten the rocket boost improve you may use it with the x key.


The entire game revolves round your small automobile. It’s a small and antique vehicle to begin the sport with. At your first tries you’ll handiest be able to pass at a completely brief distance before strolling out of gasoline. But do no longer depression. With these initial and quick attempts, you will earn cash. Preserve repeating the manner and earlier than you comprehend it you’ll be capable of earn a variety of cash.

Right here is in which you’ll be able to buy the all essential enhancements on your car. Use the money to shop for upgrades.


Those improvements will enhance your car’s overall performance in some of very full-size approaches.

The engine improves will improve acceleration and fuel performance plus energy.

The tuning improves will enhance engine performance and make your car lighter. A lighter vehicle will imply greater velocity and maneuverability.


The wheels upgrade will enhance the auto’s handling. It will additionally make it better proper for hard and uneven terrain. It’s additionally correct for going for walks warring parties down.

The suspension upgrade reduces turn and stabilizes the car higher.

Gasoline continues the auto strolling and moving. No gas and it involves a useless prevent.

Armor offers the vehicle greater defense decreasing damage taken and making it stronger and better desirable to ram thru limitations.

Rockets provide the automobile a widespread pace enhance. Quicker pace approach greater distance to be travelled and greater boundaries to be smashed.

Set up guns will routinely hearth at combatants for you. taking down warring parties this way will mean you’ll take much less damage because there will be much less squaddies firing at you. Buy ammo to fireplace the gun. When the ammo runs out, it will prevent firing.

There are three tiers to play and there may be also an achievement machine. Reap a vast feat and also you earn a medal in the sport on your hassle. The achievements variety from extremely simple, like taking down your first enemy to very difficult like taking down a tank.

Once you have these enhancements to your vehicle, development to buy 2 other more potent automobiles for the remaining 2 stages, the navy jeep and the army van. each automobiles are upgraded the equal manner, with the equal elements, however they are simply extra effective than the first vehicle.

with all this upgrading and shopping to do in the game, you’ll be gambling the sport again and again again to get all the improvements and medals. so get prepared to take down your enemies!

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