Dusty House: How to Reduce Dust in House?

Dusty House

Spring is usually associated with flowers and gardens, but we can not forget the spring dust, especially if the members of the house is allergic.

90% of the dust in the home comes from people and fabrics, and we find a lot of flying dust consisting of dead skin remnants and clothing particles, which settle on the surfaces and accumulate dust and to meet dust storms carried by the spring.

How to Reduce Dust in House?

We provide following steps:

Closet Wardrobe:

Try to arrange the wardrobe in such a way that you can clean it easily, and cover unused clothing. When you do not clean wardrobe and not cover your unused clothing then you receive a lot of chunks of dust every day. These chunks combination produce an excessive dust in the house. Dusty house and the polluted environment is not good for allergic people.

Change Bed Linens Weekly:

Pick up bed linens, dirt, leather particles, and fabrics. It’s best to change them weekly and clean them well. As for covers, you can expose them to air and the sun for ventilation.

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Clean The Air:

When the vacuum cleaner used for cleaning, some dust accumulates on surfaces, so it is recommended to operate the air cooler in the fan position, thus cleaning the air without having to cool or heat the room. There are many dust filter for the room and dust mite spray available in the market, but the effective way is care. According to the famous proverb  Prevention is better than cure“.

Use The Correct Cleaning Tools:

When dust cleaner is used, it contributes to the spread of dust everywhere. So it is the best way to clean with fabrics that absorb dust and oil or wax can add to the fabrics for easy dust collection.

Casual Carpets, Furnishings, & Pillows For The Sun:

The furniture and carpet pick up a lot of dust, clean it well. Do not just vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner every week, but take the furniture out of the room in the front of the sun and get the dust out from the room.

Other Air Coolant Filters:

Air-cooled filters need to change, or at least to periodically clean, to operate efficiently and no dust accumulates.

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