17 Detergents Alternatives For The Kitchen

16 Detergents Alternatives For The Kitchen

People looking authentic ways to save the detergent budget and reduce the use of chemicals for health or environmental reasons. Women always find alternatives to kitchen items. This is a list of the best effective detergent alternatives for the kitchen.

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Detergents Alternatives For The Kitchen

1. Banana Peel:

Use it to polish the silver pots, as well as to polish the leaves of the plants.

2. Used Tea Bags:

Used tea bags are very helpful to polish the wood surfaces.

3. Rice:

Place two tablespoons of rice to clean the coffee grinder or the spice mill.

4. Ketchup:

To polish the copper, use ketchup, it will add acidic tomatoes to its luster and sparkle.

5. Coffee Residue:

Use to prevent unpleasant odors in your refrigerator.

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6. Soda Water:

Use it to remove stains on carpets, and clean up annoying bird droppings, which stick to your car’s glass.

7. Lemon:

Use it to polish copper and water taps, remove stains from the wood cutting board, you can also put half a lemon in the oven and light it for minutes, to get rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

8. Vinegar:

Water-softened and used in glass polishing, you can also use it to clean and sterilize surfaces and to clean ceramic separators.

9. Onion:

To clean rust from knives, cut some onions using them.

10. Salt:

Use to remove stubborn stains from cups or coffee.

11. Mint:

To prevent the insects from flying on fruit dishes, put some mint leaves.

12. Al-Ruzmari:

To get rid of bad odors in your hands after chopping garlic or onions, rub some rosemary leaves between your fingers.

13. Pepsi and Cola:

Pour some of them in the toilet, rubbing it with the custom brush, the result may make you rethink it again.

14. Dry Bread:

To clean the meat grinder from meat and fat residues, sprinkle some dry bread.

15. Egg Yolk:

To get rid of the coffee stains on clothes, rub them with egg whites before washing them.

16. Mayonnaise:

To get rid of the effects of wax pens on your walls, rub them with the mayonnaise.

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