Cycling Benefits: Discover Benefits Of Riding a Cycle

Cycling Benefits

Regular cycle riding helps you to lose weight, reduce stress and improve your fitness. cycling is widely accepted as a form of sport. Young children, retirees, healthy people or persons with disabilities can enjoy cycling if they have the right equipment. Read our cycling guide for beginners. We provide the best cycling tips for cycling lovers.

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The Cycling Benefits:

Cycling is one of the easiest exercises in your daily routine because it is also a form of transportation. Cycling increases your fitness and gives friendly environment.

It is a sport with low collisions, so it is an easier exercise for joints than aerobic exercises. If you ride your cycle over the hills or off-road, you will exercise the upper part of your body.

The best way to build cardiovascular fitness is to ride a cycle for 150 minutes almost every week. For example, you can drive a cycle for a few days a week, two shorter tours during the week, and a longer weekend tour.

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Equipment Check Steps:

Using a bicycle helmet helps you to prevent the head injury if you get off your cycle.

It is important to wear a helmet that meets the following criteria:

  •  Be straight and close to your head. It should be mounted directly above your eyebrows.
  •  Be fastened with uncoated belts, with only two fingers between your chin and belt.

Be sure to replace your helmet every five years. Do not buy a used helmet – it may damage and may not protect you well.

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Lights and Reflectors:

If you are using your cycle at night or when you are weakly sighted, it is essential that you have:

  •  White front light
  •  Red backlight
  •  Rear red reflector
  •  Amber / yellow color reflectors – front and back on each pedal

Well-mounted reflectors on the front will help you to make visible.

You can get steady, flashing, or both lights (constant light on the front and back lights). The constant light in the front is important when driving the cycle in areas with poor street lighting.

Front Tire And Wheels:

Lift the front of the cycle using the handle on the handlebar and then:

  •  Press your hand on the top of the wheel to make sure that it does not fall off or move from side to side.
  •  Check that the wheel does not move from side to side when trying to tilt it.
  •  Turn the front wheel – the brakes should not rub the edge of the wheel.
  •  Press on both sides of the rubber tire – blow it if it is soft.
  •  Look for gaps, cracks or bulges in tires – these signs of tire wear and must replace.

If you have front mud guards, there should be at least a 5 mm distance between the front mud guards and the tires. Remove the protective mud if you pull your shoes while pressing the pedals.


  •  Ensure that the brakes are positioned evenly on the edge of the wheel – they should not touch one end without the other.
  •  The brake cables should not wear inside the levers.
  •  Brake levers and knobs firmly anchored on the steering wheel, covering all the nuts and bolts connected to the end of the steering wheel.

The Seat:

The seat should installed at a comfortable height for you.

Place one heel on a pedal. Your leg should be straight when the pedal is farther from the seat. If you have to lift the seat to this height to be comfortable, you may need a larger cycle.

Move towards the back of the cycle and hold the seat tightly. Check that you can not move it up and down or from side to side.

Series, Gears, and Pedals:

Ask someone to move the pedals by hand while you press the seat on the ground. Then :

• Replace all gears (a small wheel through which the chain passes) and the gears in the front to verify that the chain stops and moves smoothly.

• Check each pedal from side to side that it does not move too much. If you move too much, you should switch bearings at the bottom of the bow.

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