Chocolate Stains: Chocolate lover|| How to deal with Chocolate Stains

Chocolate Stains

If you are a Chocolate lover most of us are Chocolate lover, people love to eat chocolate, yeah chocolate is also tasty but what if you got a chocolate stain in a birthday party, how you are going to remove this stain. In this article am going to tell you how you can remove chocolate stains from your clothes? How can you remove chocolate stains from your Rags? How to remove chocolate stains from washable fabrics & how to remove the chocolate stain from a non-wash able fabric?

Talking about chocolate love people how love chocolate wants everything in chocolate they want that everything they eat should in covered in chocolate. Like I meet a guy and he said he loves eating strawberry covered in chocolate.


There are many verities of chocolate with a verity of chocolate stains. But first let us know about chocolate verities as under:

  • Unsweetened chocolate: Unsweetened chocolate pure chocolate without added sugar.
  • Bittersweet chocolate: Bittersweet chocolate is around 35 percent pure chocolate with some small amount of sugar added.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate: Semi-Sweet Chocolate is around 35 percent pure chocolate with added cocoa butter and sugar.
  • Milk chocolate: Milk chocolate is around 10 percent pure chocolate with added cocoa butter and sugar.
  • Sweet baking chocolate: Sweet chocolate is at least 15 percent pure chocolate with added cocoa butter and sugar.
  • Unsweetened Choco Powder: Unsweetened cocoa powder is pure chocolate with most of the cocoa butter removed.
  • White Chocolate: White chocolate is a mixture which is made by combining cocoa butter with sugar, milk solids, & flavoring, usually vanilla
  • Pre-melted chocolate: Per melted chocolate is a semiliquid, unsweetened Chocolate made of cocoa powder and vegetable oil.

Talking about chocolate stains on washable fabrics:

With some action and with little work on chocolate stained fabric or cloth you can get rid of it. It is very easy to remove a chocolate stain from your daily use clothing fabric like cotton, linen, nylon, or polyester.


  1. Scrape or blot away any excess chocolate from stain. Be gentle when doing this, as you don’t want to grind the chocolate further into the clothing fibers.
  2. Launder as usual in the washing machine, and the stain should be gone! If not, repeat Steps 2 to 5. Be sure to check the stain is completely gone before you tumble-dry or iron the garment.
  3. You may need to apply a detergent to remove the stain permanently
  4. Drop your washable cloth in cold water for 15 minutes, rub the stain gently in 3 to 4 minutes and rise through stain will be gone if not try a stain remover after doing this method.
  5. Wash your washable cloth in running cold water or soda water gently. This will help to reduce the stains on your washable cloths then wash with regular detergent chocolate will be gone.

Removing Chocolate Stains from non-washable Fabrics.

Silk, Rayon, Wool and other non-washable fabrics may take some more specialized washing to remove chocolate stains. Hereby it is easier to simply take your non-washable cloth to a dry cleaner to avoid the cloth damage.

  1. Before doing anything with your non-washable cloth chocolate stain you must read the garment care tag.
  2. Try to take a quick acting when you get a chocolate stain on your non-washable because as long as you will react to this stain. It’ll be harder to remove the stain.
  3. Hot water will make the chocolate stain
  4. Always use cold water to deal with chocolate stain.
  5. When you are washing the stain put a towel or any other clean cloth under the stain so the chocolate may not get into you non-washable fabric.

How to Remove Chocolate stain from you Carpet or Rag?

Before you set to remove the stain from you Rag or carpet the thing you need to gather is a butter knife, a vacuum, spot remover, paper towel and a clothing iron.

  1. When the chocolate is dry take a butter knife and scrape off the stain as much as you can.
  2. After scraping most of the chocolate stain must be gone, now vacuum directly to the chocolate stain spot on your rag or carpet.
  3. Reaming particle will be vacuumed.
  4. Put the paper towel the spot heat up your iron on normal mode.
  5. Then gently press the towel paper with iron with remained chocolate particles are going to stick with towel papers.
  6. Repeat the number five if necessary.

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