Check out the new God of War

Check out the new God of War

The return of Santa Monica Studio with a new brave version of the well-known saga.

Everything changes, all places change. Change is an essential part of life. In the world of development, a creative change involves the explosion that transforms what is good enough into authentically memorable.

Many years ago Santa Monica Studio began the journey of creating a new God of War APK. We all realized that it was an honor and a great responsibility to create a different, better and even more memorable experience than we had seen so far. I realized early on that we had to make changes in every aspect of the game.

I knew that I did not want to just do a ‘reboot’ of the franchise, retelling the original story. He wanted to ‘reimagine’ the mechanics of the game, give players a fresher perspective and a new experience while immersing themselves more deeply in Kratos’ emotional journey to explore the complex drama that unfolds when an immortal demigod makes the decision. to change.

For Kratos, this change means changing the cycle of violence, distrust, and disappointment that his family, the Greek Pantheon, perpetuated for so long. That cycle led to a series of bad decisions: the deal with Ares, the murder of his family and a decent full of fury to the madness and revenge that ended with the epic destruction of Olympus.

It also means learning how to control his rage, the immense and turbulent monster that lives with him, leading him down dark paths. Kratos needs to figure out how to put the monster in the box again when to let it out or keep it.

Kratos’ anger has caused him to make many bad decisions in his life, so he was fascinated to see what would happen if he made a good decision. How would it be? What would you do to walk this difficult path and with which you are not familiar? And most important, why would I do this?

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