Turmeric is on old Indian spice, which is used as a cloth dying in many parts of the world. It is found in hard stone type, it is actually a plant root which is made powder after getting it from the ground.  It is one of the hardest stains of the world, or you can it’s a stubborn stain.

Turmeric stain is sometimes impossible to remove because as it is dried it takes more on the cloth. But here let me tell you if got a turmeric stain, and you do some quick action, you may get it out from your cloths. Through the tips and steps in this article, you may minimize or totally remove the turmeric stain on your cloths or fabrics.

Firstly, remember not use hot water directly, because it can make the stain difficult for removing. It can make put the stain harder to the material.

  • For liquid turmeric stains put flour, cornmeal, or baking soda immediately around turmeric stain you’ll see within few minutes powder will soak most of the liquid turmeric stain.
  • After putting the powder (Flour, Cornmeal, and Baking Soda) put all purpose stain remover and wash your fabric.
  • Through above-mentioned steps, you may get the turmeric stain totally removed.
  • There is another tip to get rid of turmeric stain, wash your fabric with warm water let me remind your hot water will make, the stain difficult for removing and it’ll get more strong grip on your fabric so be careful.
  • Wash your fabric with warm water in the washing machine, it’ll be best if you check the stain after washing it in the machine before drying it.
  • If the weather outside your room is good, mean it’s a good sunny day so you can put the fabric in sunlight to dry.
  • In old times people use sunlight as a natural stain remover, but be careful sunlight may turn your bright color fabrics color into fade color.
  • For turmeric stains, on white you can use white bleach during machine wash, this will make the white fabrics more shining also.
  • If all the above tip to remove turmeric do not help you then try using baking soda, you can add a little water enough to form a paste a sticky paste then apply it on you turmeric stained fabric you can use a useless toothbrush to put the baking soda paste on the fabric.
  • If all not work you can use the fabric as Rug, Dishrag, or head/vast band.

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