Best Ways To Clean Microfiber Cloth

Best Ways To Clean Microfiber Cloth

The Japanese initially made the microfiber in the early 1970s. It took several years of technology to earn the place, but it is currently used in garments, furniture and cleaning applications. The microfiber gets its name because the individual fibers are less than one micron in diameter. This technology is useful in cleaning because tiny fibers can trap dirt, debris, and even bacteria and keep them until the laves. Microfiber cloths do not require much maintenance, but you should wash them carefully.



  1. Rinse the microfiber under the faucet and drain it several times to remove excess dirt.

  2. Soak the microfiber in a sink or bucket of warm water with a spoonful of mild detergent. Avoid using anything that contains bleach, because this can break the fabric.

  3. Wash the microfiber alone in a washing machine with the amount of detergent needed. Especially avoid washing it with towels because the microfibre usually collects the lint from the latter. Avoid using a fabric softener, as this will eliminate the static electricity you need for maximum efficiency.

  4. Dry the cloth in the dryer, with a low setting or hang it to get rid of moisture. Excess heat can melt the individual fibers and affect their performance, so ironing or drying it with a high heat setting is not recommended.

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