Best Ways To Clean Leather Car Seats

Best Ways To Clean Leather Car Seats

Today, there are many who opt for leather upholstery for the interior of your vehicle, as it provides a more elegant and sophisticated look. Now, in order to keep this type of upholstery clean and in good condition, it is essential to take into account specific care that will help you achieve a perfect finish. In as detail the best ways to clean the leather car seats.

You will need to:


Steps to follow:

  1. The first thing to do to clean the leather seats is to suck them in well to remove the first layer of dust and any remaining dirt on the surface.
  2. Next, it is convenient to moisten a microfiber wipe with water and simply pass it through each of the car seats. This will remove light spots. It is important to quickly dry the seats with a dry cloth.
  3. Now we need a leather cleaner that we can get it from a store specializing in vehicle products. We apply the product in the seats with a suede, always with smooth and circular movements. In case there are embedded spots that we can not remove, it is best to use a soft bristle brush.
  4. Remove the remaining product with another microfiber wipe and then apply a leather conditioner. For this, we can use an applicator or do it by hand in a gentle way. Let the conditioner work for about 10 minutes and then remove the excess.
  5. It is important that before applying any product in the car seats, check that they are not harmful or modify the color of the leather. We can consult our doubts with a specialist since the light tones always are more delicate.
  6. Performing this cleaning treatment every six months is the best way to keep our car’s leather seats in perfect condition.

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