Best Tips To Remove Urine Stains From Child Mattress

Best Tips To Remove Urine Stains From Child Mattress

When children wet the bed, the liquid passes through the mattress and leaves a fence. So that we can avoid it, it is best to put a mattress cover that prevents it from reaching the mattress itself, since it will stay on this other surface will be much easier to remove if we wash it with soap and water and apply a few drops of detergent.

If the situation is already desperate and has reached the mattress, then it is necessary that we do with the products that can remove the stain: white vinegar, liquid detergent, baking soda and kitchen paper.


Home remedies to remove urine stains from children’s bed:

– Vinegar: When the stain is recent, it is best that we apply white vinegar in the specific area, and let it dry with as much sunlight as we can. We can apply it with the help of a spoon and rub lightly with a brush so that the stain of the mattress does not disperse. The kitchen paper will be our great ally when we put it on so there is nothing left of the liquid.

– Bicarbonate: If it takes a few hours, removing the urine stain will be somewhat more complicated, so the product chosen in question may be sodium bicarbonate, which without excess can be applied to the part that is stained to be absorbed as fast as possible.

– Liquid Detergent: Once we have completed one or another process of cleaning the mattress, the final trick is the one that has to do with the liquid detergent, which will be the one we apply to completely disappear.

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