Best Tips to Clean Mold of walls

Best Tips to Clean Mold of walls

Mold on the wall is every wall issue or we can say every house issue most of the walls and roof where water management is not so good here mold put his attack and looking from a biological view. It is good for health but not in a big quantity, most of us go through this and there is no specific type, which takes birth in walls it can be in any shape any color. Mold also can cause a serious type of infections for sensitive skin also it can cause allergy, mold on walls can cause Asthma reparatory issues like breath and lungs can be damaged due to mold on walls. will provide the best tips to clean mold of walls.

Mold on walls is dangers especially for small babies and children they often move around the walls where mold is living removing mold and controlling the moisture are two basic steps to stop this as under there are some types of mold which are specified in colors.

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  • Blue Mold
  • White Mold
  • Green Mold
  • Black Mold

Blue and green mold are found or you can take place in areas like shower walls steam shower walls bathroom walls and bathroom ceilings or rooms and halls where people take steam showers.

White mold is usually found in shaded and dump areas like a base where moisture is high.

Black mold is like to be the most dangers of all it can be harmful people and pets black mold on walls, which produce mycotoxins & it is very harmful toxic for small babies and pets.

Best Tips to Clean Mold of Walls?

First of all, you should have to fix the water problem or water leaks. Check water pipes and joints. Make sure that the humidity level inside the house is very low because if humidity is high then the risk of the mold of walls is also high. Prevent conditions insulate your water pipes and other moisture producing products.

Some useful Tips to Clean Mold of Walls:

  • You can use hot water bleach washing powder and baking soda mixture to clean most the mold on walls.
  • One cup of baking soda and one spoon of liquid soap with enough water which can make a paste of these materials.
  • Mix two cups of bleach and one cup of water and put it in a spray bottle. Now, spray the area with this solutions and let it dry, when it came to dry again, use bleach and water spray in the same place, this time rub the place with a brush.
  • Repeat the necessary process and let the surface dry.
  • One cup of borax and a full gallon of water mix it up, borax is all time natural cleaner.

These tips will help to clean mold of walls.

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