Best Tips To Clean Chamois Shoes

Best Tips To Clean Chamois Shoes

To learn how to clean suede shoes. Read tips to remove water stains, dirt, grease, and other types. We recommend best tips to clean chamois shoes.

Preventing is better than cure. Try to avoid wearing suede shoes on rainy days or in places where there is a lot of dust.

Helpful tips:

  1. It is best to use a suede protective spray before putting on your suede shoes.
  2. Use different methods to clean dark or clear suede.
  3. It is possible to remove stains of water, wax, chewing gum, mud, and grease from the suede of the shoes.


If you have suede shoes, you know how vulnerable they are to scrapes, blemishes, scratches, not to mention contact with water and other liquids. Here are some tips so you can keep them in good condition and remove different types of blemishes.

Always remember: Before applying any of these methods, perform a test in an inconspicuous place of your shoes. If you still keep the label with suggestions of care of your footwear, it is advised to follow the cleaning and use instructions of the manufacturer.

General tips for cleaning suede shoes:

To protect suede shoes, we advise you to spray a layer of suede protective spray before using them for the first time or when shoes are clean.

The first thing we recommend is to get a suede brush and gently run it through the shoes when they are dry. With this, you will be able to remove dust and dirt from everyday use. It is important that you always brush in the same direction. On some mark on the footwear, you can brush vigorously.

How to Clean Color Suede:

To remove the most difficult stains of the dark-colored suede, it is advisable to use an eraser with moderate pressure (can be obtained in the shoe stores).

How to Clean Clear Suede Shoes:

  • If possible, use a new brush for clear suede or one that you have not used before; you will definitely get better results. Always rub gently and do not use a cleaning tool that is dirty.
  • If there is a rebellious stain that is proving difficult to remove, apply a small amount of white vinegar with a soft cloth or towel. If it does not cause damage to the material, then allow it to dry completely and then pass the squeegee brush.


How to Clean Suede with Water Stains:

  • With a brush, apply a light uniform layer of water across the outside of the shoe.
  • Use a sponge or dry cloth to absorb excess water. Rub gently until the surface is evenly moist and without visible water stains.
  • Insert dry white paper into the shoe (do not use daily, because the ink may stain it) to help remove excess water inside and keep the original shape of the shoes.
  • Let the shoes dry for an entire night. It is best to put them in a well ventilated and dry place.
  • Once dry, brush the shoes gently with a chamois brush. This will help give them back their original look.

How to wash chamois shoes with wax or chewing gum:

I put shoes or slippers in the freezer for a few hours. The chewing gum or wax will be hard enough that you can remove the entire piece. Then, brush the chamois by pressing gently.

Clean chamois with grease stains:

When a grease or oil stain is still wet, you can sprinkle some cornmeal on it and then let it dry overnight (always checking that it does not cause any damage to the material). The next day, pass the chamois brush by removing the traces of flour absorbed by the oil or fat.

Clean chamois with dirt or mud spots:

Gently remove the surface dirt and let it dry in a sunny place. Once the soil has hardened, large pieces should be easy to remove by hand. Then use the brush to clean chamois that will surely remove the remaining dirt particles.

These simple procedures will help you whenever you need to clean chamois shoes. Of course, it is also helpful if you avoid going out with them on a rainy day or going to an outdoor event where they can be exposed to grass, dust, and dirt.

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