Best Techniques To Get Wax Out of Fabric

Best Techniques To Get Wax Out of Fabric

When melted candle wax spills over clothing, it creates blemishes that often look very difficult to remove. However, there are some best techniques to get wax out of fabric in a few steps, naturally and without using abrasive substances. This article outlines several tips for removing wax stains from fabrics, explains why leaving the colored candles turns out a little more difficult and also details how to clean the wax attached to the floor.


Tips for Removing Wax Stains from Tissues

The stains of candle wax on clothing are often presented as a real challenge, and even the difficulty of removing them seems to condemn the garment to perpetual coexistence with them. However, there are some tricks to remove the wax and prevent it from being permanently impregnated into the fabric.

Remove the candle wax from clothing as soon as possible to prevent particles from adhering and impregnating

The first step is to ensure that the stain does not stay too long. The longer the time between the wax is spilled on the fabric and the time when it is attempted to remove it, the more difficulties will arise as the wax particles stick more and more to the fabric.

In addition, the wax should not be liquid, but as hard as possible. If the stain is discovered as soon as it has been produced, it should be allowed to stand for a few minutes until the wax solidifies and a plastic bag with ice is placed on top of it.

Once the wax is solid, you should remove everything you can with the use of a spatula or knife . It is important to note that the edge with which it is scraped should not be very sharp, as it could damage the fabric. If you only have very sharp knives, use the blunt side of the blade .


This done, only the wax particles that have adhered to the tissue will remain 

The trick to remove them is: wet sheets of absorbent paper (kitchen towels, wipes, etc.) should place on both sides of the stained fabric and then apply the iron to medium or low temperature. In this way, the heat will cause the wax particles to evaporate and absorb by the paper . Simple and relatively recent stains can be thoroughly cleaned through this technique.

The stains of colored candles, a little more difficult

If the wax from the candle that has stained the clothes is of a different color from the natural one, it is probable that the process is something more complicated, since you have to take precautions to avoid that the colorant fades the clothes.

In this case, you should remove as much wax in solid state as possible with a spatula or knife, as in the case of wax without dye, but then do not apply the iron and paper , because it would be counterproductive: of color would secure more in the fabric.

What you should do is clean the wax with methyl alcohol , until the dye disappears. This same substance can use when there is no dye, but after the application of the plate method and the absorbent paper, there are halos or light spots on the fabric.

Beware of wax in delicate clothes:

If the candle wax is spilled on delicate fabrics, it is advisable to take the garment to the dry cleaner for a professional to see

Anyway, it should be kept in mind that these are general tips and not very delicate clothes. It is always advisable, before applying alcohol or stain removers (sold in specialized stores), test their results on a similar cloth or in a little visible part of the same garment.

And with delicate fabrics – like silk – it is best not to risk and take clothes to a dry cleaner, so that professionals can evaluate if it is possible to remove the stain and what is the best formula for doing so.

Cleaning candle stains from the floor:

If candle wax spills onto the floor, it can also result in stains that are difficult to remove, particularly if they are not cleaned immediately or if it occurs on porous surfaces such as cement or baked clay.

The first part of the method is most effective to clean them in similar to that of the stains on the clothes: to harden the wax with ice wrapped in plastic, then to remove it with a spatula or knife and to apply the plate not very hot on paper or (in this case it will be more comfortable) some cotton wipes.

The difference is in the next step: you have to throw a couple of squirts of the detergent dishwasher on the floor and some water and scrub with a cloth until it forms the foam. Then let it act for half an hour and then pour sawdust on the soapy solution until it absorbs it. Finally, remove the sawdust and wash the soil with water.

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