Best Steps to Regrow Hair

Best Steps to Regrow Hair

Treatment of regrow hair for baldness and weak hair:
Hair loss treatment has been specially designed to stimulate the hair line, blood circulation, refill hair-free areas regrow hair successfully.

The Herbal-H is helpful to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. The Herbal-H formula enhances the permeability of the Angelica Sinensis herb. This is done by dissolving the fatty secretions from the sebaceous glands, which causes enlargement of the sebaceous glands and also enhances the response of the scalp to the sprayer.

 Penetrating Peel Technology:

This innovative technology works to bring active substances deep into the mother cell to help regrow hair. It also facilitates the absorption of treatment and the provision of hair follicle necessary nutrition.


How to regrow hair:


Herbal-H is suitable for all types of baldness and hair loss. It is the most advanced and effective hair growth sprayer to treat male pattern baldness and can regrow hair in the following types of baldness:

  • Fatty Baldness
  • Genetic Baldness (Male Pattern Baldness)
  • Alopecia areata
  • Hybrid baldness
  • Chemical Baldness

How effective is Herbal-H?

Herbal-H is the most effective for regrow hair. People with male pattern baldness will see great results while using the sprayer. Their lives will change dramatically by adding a simple routine once in the morning and in the evening.

In order to achieve the best results, it is important to use Herbal-H until the end of the treatment period of 3 months. In spite of the desired results, the use of sprays should be continued until the end of the full treatment period for 3 months.
If the use of Herbal-H interrupted for a few days by mistake, it should not cause panic, but if discontinuation of use for a long time, it is normal to be affected by the effectiveness of the preparation.

The 3-month treatment with Herbal-H gives you lasting results when hair growth achieved. Herbal-H stimulates the hair follicles to start to regrow hair naturally.

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