10 Foods To Avoid Before Bed

10 Foods To Avoid Before Bed

After a long day of hard work, your body needs some rest and relaxation, but often you may find yourself suffering from insomnia and difficulty in sleeping, without knowing why.

Have you ever thought that the food you eat before bedtime may be why you stay up all night? Here is the list of top 10 foods to avoid before bed. These foods cause to vanish your rest and relaxation.

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So you should be aware of the quality of foods that you eat at night.

10 Foods To Avoid Before Bed

1. Coffee:

You know well that coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, which may cause you to stay awake all night, even if you are a person who is not affected by caffeine. So if you want to sleep well then must avoid coffee before bedtime.

2. Pizza:

It’s hard to resist a slice of hot pizza overnight, but if you know what a slice of pizza contains, you’ll think about it.

One slice of pizza contains a large amount of fat and carbohydrates, which are difficult to digest easily. One slice pizza also contains cheese and tomato sauce, which have the high proportion of acids and this acid causes to increase the possibility of burning stomach.

3. Dessert:

According to recent surveys, eating large amounts of sugars before sleep may lead to sleep disorders. So avoid eating any dessert before bedtime, because the human body is eligible to digest sugar quickly, and thus increase blood sugar, and lower hormones sleep.

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4. Hot Foods:

Avoid foods that are rich in spices and hot sauces before sleeping. They lead to gastric irritation, acidity, and discomfort.

5. Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks (before sleep) are the worst thing for your body because soft drinks contain large amounts of sugars, soda, and caffeine. They also reduce the secretion of stomach acids and causing indigestion.

6. Orange Juice:

Experts recommend eating one orange instead of orange juice because the fiber in it slows down sugars. When you drink a glass of orange juice, you enter dozens of fiber-free orange fruits into your stomach.

7. Chocolates:

Chocolates contain large amounts of calories and provide energy to your body, but it is not beneficial before bedtime.

8. Fast and Fatty Meals:

Fast food contains high fat, which is the fastest route to obesity and cardiovascular disease. Fast foods are very hard to digest especially before bedtime.

9. Rice/ Biryani 

In the modern era, people love to eat biryani/rice at night. Rice is another fastest route to obesity and weight gain. Try to avoid eating rice before(3-4 hours) bedtime.

10. Wine: 

Drinking wine before bedtime cause heart attack. Wine is good for weight loss but it has many harmful side effects, therefore don’t drink wine before bedtime.

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